Theoretical Astrophysical Observatory v1.1 released

We're very happy to announce the release of TAOv1.1. This is a major update and includes the following new features and bug fixes: Significant stability, performance and back-end enhancements. Fixed a serious bug with magnitude calculations. They weren't totally wrong

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TAO version 1.0.10 released

A new version of TAO has been released. This version includes the following updates/fixes: Added support for minimum/maximum RA and Dec (i.e. area on the sky) to the UI. Previously you could only choose an opening angle that was pointed

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ASVO WiggleZ Demo

Here is an example of how to use the SkyMapper ASVO Node services via TOPCAT to search the WiggleZ data-set, which is one of several data-archives hosted by the SkyMapper ASVO node:   Start TOPCAT and select TAP Query from

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SkyMapper ASVO Services Launched

The SkyMapper ASVO Node is now in full production deployment and available for access by users. Data currently available includes the WiggleZ final data release, several catalogues from the HIPASS survey, the legacy MACHO dataset, and a simulated test-data set

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Launch of Theoretical Astrophysical Observatory v1.0

We are are delighted to announce the launch of the Theoretical Astrophysical Observatory (TAO) v1.0, which is a node of the ASVO. TAO is a powerful new tool for building customized virtual universes. At the core of TAO are multiple popular

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SkyMapper ASVO Node March Update

Work on the SkyMapper node of the ASVO has in recent times been focussed on the upcoming production deployment. The processes and documentation relating to the packaging and deployment of the SkyMapper node components have been undergoing detailed review in

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TAO ASVO Node February Update

TAO is still a week or so away from its public release! We have been finalizing our performance enhancements and bugs squishing through the last month. I can summarize the achievements of the last month in the following points: Different

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TAO ASVO Node January Update

The last few months were a flurry of activity as we worked hard towards the TAO public release, planned for mid-December. The three main areas of focus were (1) adding the final features (e.g. SkyMapper telescope presets), (2) squishing bugs

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SkyMapper ASVO Node January Update

As might have been predicted, progress on the SkyMapper ASVO Node over the past month has been modest, however there are a few points to note. One activity of note leading up to the end of last year was an

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ASVO WiggleZ Progress

During October we have also continued to progress the WiggleZ data set within the ASVO infrastructure. The services recently deployed in front of the final WiggleZ data release data-set have now been registered in the key IVOA service registries. This

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