ASVO-SkyMapper status: v2.0 deployed in 2015 over the top of a test data release (visit SkyMapper Test Data Release).  The first fully calibrated data release is expected in December 2015.

The ASVO-SkyMapper Node provides an integrated and comprehensive environment for the hosting, analysis, and exploration of data from the SkyMapper telescope, which is producing the most detailed and sensitive map of the southern sky at optical wavelengths.

The SkyMapper Southern Sky Survey is an ambitious project to map the entire southern sky at multiple epochs in six photometric filters across the optical wavelength range. Led by The Australian National University on behalf of the Australian astronomical community, SkyMapper will produce approximately 2 PB of photometrically and astrometrically calibrated images and a ~100 billion-row database of associated measurements during its 5 year survey.  These unique data support a wide variety of science goals, from discovering the oldest stars in the Galaxy, to uncovering new dwarf galaxies, solar system objects and distant supernovae. SkyMapper data products are being released without embargo to the Australian community through the ASVO-SkyMapper Node, leveraging International Virtual Observatory standards  to ensure interoperability with existing tools and services. In July 2015, ANU unveiled the SkyMapper Test Data Release, comprising a set of enhanced data access tools over the top of a Test Data Release of ~70 sq deg of images and catalogues. The first full data release (DR1) is planned for December 2015. Worldwide access will follow approximately 1 year after the Australian release.


SkyMapper telescope. Credit: Kwon O Chul