Australian Astronomical Observatory

ASVO-AAO status: Design study completed in 2015 and currently under development. v1.0 expected to be fully operational by June 2017.

The Anglo-Australian Telescope (AAT) Node of the ASVO will provide an archive infrastructure and interface to enable researchers to access key datasets from the AAT, Australia's foremost onshore optical facility, equipped with state-of-the-art instrumentation. The ASVO-AAT Node is currently being built by the Australian Astronomical Observatory (AAO), the owners and operators of the AAT. ASVO-AAT has been designed to be extensible and scalable to meet the current and future needs of the Australian astronomical community. This will be demonstrated by the deployment of the first two exemplar datasets that span the range of capabilities to be provided:

  • The Galaxy And Mass Assembly (GAMA) survey that itself brings together multi-wavelength data from a range of telescopes to study the evolution of galaxies and the Universe
  • The Sydney-AAO Multi-object Integral-field (SAMI) spectrograph survey that puts 13 fused hexabundles, each containing 61 fibres, across a square-degree field of view to survey 5000 galaxies and obtain a spatially-resolved view of galaxy evolution

Funding to build ASVO-AAT has been provided by the Commonwealth Department of Industry, Innovation and Science (DoIIS) under an agreement administered by Astronomy Australia Limited (AAL).  ASVO-AAT is a 2 year project with completion expected by June 2017, at which time this Node will be capable of ingestion and deployment of all AAT surveys of major national significance, and will be interoperable with the other ASVO Nodes and compliant with IVOA protocols.

Further details are available on the AAO website.


The Anglo-Australian Telescope is a 4-metre telescope operated by the Australian Astronomical Observatory and situated at the Siding Spring Observatory, NSW, Australia